Paul's Apiary

Electronic Hive Scale

Warning: Scale has become inaccurate. I will be attempting to repair it the week of July 30th.

One of the hive's at Paul's Apiary is on an electronic hive scale. The hive on the scale is a 2 lb. package of bees with a Saskatraz queeen that was introduced on 4/3/17. The scale is powered and monitored by a Raspberry Pi B+ computer and is connected to a 12 volt battery and a solar panel. Readings of the hive weight are taken every 15 minutes. Battery voltage and current drain are also monitored.

On the graph two temperatures are noted. The first is the ambient temperature of the outside air and the second is the temperature inside the hive. The hive temperature probe is located just under the inner cover, so it is not recording the temperature of the brood nest.

The computer programming that records the "honey weight" only records those weight increases or decreases that are less than 1 pound since the last reading (15 minutes). This is meant to capture weight changes due to increases in bees, pollen, and nectar but ignore changes due to events such as adding supers or forgetting to put the "rock" on the outer cover. Once the nectar flow begins, you will be able to observe a daily increase in the "honey weight".